Saturday, 8 September 2012

In My Mailbox: Dystopia corner!

This weekend, viewers of the world, I've got five dystopia reads to share with you! They're all fairly recent, and I'm hoping they're going to be worth it. I'm pretty selective about my dystopia, because after the outbreak of Hunger Games obsession, there have been loads of books that try to imitate that format and aren't really worth it. I hope you enjoy these! Happy reading!

THE FORSAKEN by Lisa M Stasse

Goodreads page

Main character: Alenna Shawcross
Released: July 10th 2012
Themes: Adventure, Survival, Action, Romance
Page count: 375 (hardcover)

EVE by Anna Carey

Goodreads page

Main character: Eve
Released: October 4th 2011
Themes: Post-apocalyptic, Adventure, Romance, Survival
Page count: 336 (Kindle edition)

DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth

Goodreads page

Main character: Beatrice Prior
Released (UK version): February 2nd 2012
Themes: Post-apocalyptic, Adventure, Romance, Action
Page count: 489 (UK paperback)


Goodreads page

Main character: Anya Balanchine
Released (UK version): March 19th 2012
Themes: Crime, Mystery, Romance, Family
Page count: 352 (UK paperback)

ARTICLE 5 by Kristen Simmons

Goodreads page

Main character: Ember Miller
Released: January 31st 2012
Themes: Thriller, Action, Romance, Adventure
Page count: 362 (hardcover)

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