Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Why are girls getting ridiculous male names in YA?

I've noticed something recently in (mostly) contemporary YA. In fantasy/paranormal/dystopia you can get away with weird names, but in contemporary YA, which is supposed to be REALISTIC, I see these female main characters getting guys' names. Examples? 


I mean, really??? Who calls their daughter Hudson? (I apologize to any female with this name!) Or Ryan?!?!  Some names, like Alex or Spencer or Parker or Courtney, you can get away with, but some just take it too far.  Why can't contemporary authors call their characters something ordinary like Jessica or Hannah or Laura? Kudos to authors like Elizabeth Scott and Susane Colasanti, who use well-known first names in their novels. Trust me, this makes novels far more relatable to and their situations more lifelike, and so therefore they sell more copies!! 

*rant over*

although, I do have a fondness for the name Eddie, as used by Courtney Summers in "Fall for Anything" :)

Love, A

(aka thebiggestbookshelf)

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